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Intelligent Packing & Shipping

Online merchants looking for the ultimate solution to fulfillment services choose to do business with Central Wisconsin Prep Pack & Ship. Our Greenwood, Wisconsin, company offers the most comprehensive suite of packing and shipping options.

All-Inclusive Prepping & Shipping

For your convenience and satisfaction, we offer a complete, hands-off prepping and shipping service for Amazon™ FBA sellers.

Methodology & Flow

Once we receive your product at our commercial location, we first inspect your freight for any visible damage. If there is noticeable damage, we then send the product back to the supplier, establishing contact with a photo record. From there, we remove any price tags, we create labels with SKU numbers and pertinent information, we prepare multi-packs and bundles with shrink-wrap and bubble wrap for protection, and add expiration dates if needed, and box, shipping labels and shipping via Amazon™ partnered shipping provider.

Freight Cargo - Packing & Shipping
 Contact us today if you are an existing vendor looking for streamlined packing and shipping solutions.