Amazon FBA Fulfillment Services, Private Label FBA Fulfillment Services, & Ecommerce Fulfillment Services

Freight Carriers

Let us handle all of your packing and shipping needs so you can focus on marketing and selling.

3-PL (Third Party Logistics)

Services include warehouse and inventory management, order fulfillment, shipping coordination, exchanges, and returns.

FBA Fulfillment Fees

Take a look at our FBA Fulfillment fees to see why our affordable services are the right choice for you

International Sellers

Shipping cost can be huge for you, and should never just send a shipment straight to Amazon without verifying it is exactly what you order and that it exactly matches the Amazon Product page. This is a recipe for disaster! If you consistently ship broken  product to amazon, not only will amazon return it to you (costing you money) but also the few damaged pieces they do let through, your customers are not only going to return it to you, but they will also leave you negative feedback, which can be a serious pain to get rid of or impossible all together. Amazon is getting or has been very very strict on what feedback they remove now a days. Basically, if its not a product review, its on your account for good.

You also run the risk of getting your account banned. Amazon is a shoot first ask questions later company. They are all about customer service, and if you can’t provide excellent customer service, they don’t need you. We’re here to help insure you provide excellent customer service.

Our Story

Central Wisconsin Prep Pack & Shipping, LLC is a FBA Fulfillment company based in Greenwood, Wisconsin, offering fulfillment services. With the experience of on-line marketplace fulfillment’s, we are familiar with the buying and selling roles. As a result, we are able to help customers as an alternative fulfillment by Amazon™. Our intuitive systems offer a complete hands-off approach to packing and shipping. We are always here to help.